Exciting news for ESKRIDGE LAW client, Torrance Pathology Associates Medical Group – Meenaskshi Bhasin, M.D. has joined Greg Baetge, M.D., John Blakey, M.D., Michael Dunlap, M.D., and John Kunesh, M.D. as a partner in the group.

As an anatomic pathology and clinical pathology group, the Torrance Pathology Medical Group deals with the diagnosis of disease through both/either molecular examination and laboratory analysis of tissue. All partners are board certified in both anatomical and clinical pathology, rendering more accurate and rapid results.

Torrance Pathology Associates Medical Group recently welcomed Dr. Bhasin, the first female partner for the Torrance Pathology Group. Graduating from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in 2009, Dr. Bhasin brings with her a strong background in cytopathology. Dr. Bhasin was employed by Torrance Pathology Associates Medical Group and affiliated with Torrance Memorial Medical Center, working with many different doctors and specialists, prior to becoming a partner of Torrance Pathology Associates Medical Group. Welcome, Dr. Bhasin!

Torrance Pathology Group’s Contact Information:
3330 Lomita Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90505