National Surgical Ventures Provides Outpatient Venues to Endovascular Patients

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ESKRIDGE LAW client, National Surgical Ventures, works to improve health, preserve limbs, and save lives, in a way that is ethical, efficient, and cost effective for the patients. The clinic functions as both an ASC and an OBL on different days of the week, offering physicians maximum flexibility with a hybrid office. In fact, Dr. Krishna Jain, MD, NSV published a book, Office-Based Endovascular Centers, detailing the rapid increase of movement of endovascular treatment from hospitals to outpatient venues.

In California, National Surgical Ventures has a surgical center in Stockton. By the end of the year, National Surgical Ventures expects to open two new locations – an outpatient wound care/amputation prevention program at Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare in Pomona, California, and a similar program with an interventional radiologist in Buffalo, New York. In 2023, National Surgical Ventures will be opening an ambulatory surgical center in South Carolina.

Diane Boone, one of the founding members, can be reached at Ms. Boone is a registered nurse, with decades of experience in the field of wound care as an educator and an administrator.

National Surgical Ventures Contact Information:
415 E. Harding Way, Suite E
Stockton, CA 95204