May 21, 2021

Whether it’s spring time, and nature is blooming, or it’s autumn, and the colorful leaves are falling, those beautiful trees may be well on their way to causing a neighborly dispute. In-tree-gued?

If your neighbor’s tree is encroaching on your property, you have rights! For more information on whether you can trim back to the property line, or how to handle encroaching roots, check out our article Neighbors’ Trees Encroaching on Your Property? What You Should Know about California Tree Law. However, before you explore your legal options, you might be wondering if there’s a more neighborly approach.

Talk to Your Neighbor
Explain the damage their tree is causing your property. It’s possible they were not aware, and they could be open to paying for someone to come and trim your side of the tree. If your neighbor does not seem open to doing the neighborly thing, then contact Eskridge Law for legal help in preparing and sending a letter, explaining the legal ramifications if the neighbor does not tend to the encroaching tree.

Talk to Your Local Arborist
Did your neighbor trim your tree without your permission? Are you concerned about the welfare of the 30-year old tree planted by your parents, now wearing a very bad, unprofessional haircut? Speak to a local arborist to obtain documentation regarding the damage done to your tree, the current health of your tree, and what next steps need to be taken to preserve the tree or, if necessary, to remove the tree to prevent damage to your property. Eskridge Law is happy to step in and handle this process, from arborist to agreement.

When the neighborly approach doesn’t work, and the arborist is telling you the damage to your trees or property is extensive, hire Eskridge Law to step in and help mitigate the problem. Whether you need legal help because you damaged a neighbor’s tree, or it is your own tree being damaged, Eskridge Law is happy to help.

“Leaf” your tree sorrows behind with Eskridge Law.

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