Attorney Gayle L. Eskridge has been recognized as an America’s Most Honored Professionals 2021 – Top 1% Honoree by American Registry – June 1, 2021

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Gayle L. Eskridge, of Eskridge Law, a California lawyer with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento counties, has been recognized by American Registry, as an America’s Most Honored Professionals 2021 – Top 1%Honoree. 

American Registry, a leading provider of recognition products designed to preserve and commemorate significant business and professional achievements, announces its first official award in 2011. Featuring America’s Most Honored Professionals, the award was the first of its kind and pays tribute to business people who when ranked across professions and industries rise to the top of America’s most highly recognized professionals. 

Honorees were carefully selected from American Registry’s comprehensive database of publicly acknowledged professionals. Qualification criteria include repeated, authenticated, publicized honors from the press, peers, trade groups and clients over a five year period. American Registry is in a unique position to qualify top professionals across industries as its researchers specialize in authenticating the legitimacy and value of professional and business recognitions. Even so, the company built its database of professionals recognized for excellence for more than ten years before honoring the best of the best with this award, America’s Most Honored Professionals. 

“In today’s tough economy, it is more important than ever to honor professionals for their achievements – reinforcement of excellent performance is key for keeping the motivation going,” says America’s Most Honored Program Director, Danielle Van Acker. 

Avi Moskowitz, American Registry CEO, said, “America’s Most Honored Professionals is the only data driven cross profession, cross industry recognition program that we are aware of – and we know the recognition business. Its honorees include top CEOs as well as local business owners, doctors, lawyers and Internet superstars. Each professional has earned multiple recognitions in his or her field in the last five years and ranks in the top ten, five, or even one percent of all of America’s most highly recognized professionals. 

“I wanted to create an award that captures continuous individual achievement. One that pays tribute to the ongoing dedication to excellence achieved by a very special few American professionals. And as much as this is an opportunity to congratulate and commemorate, we believe this honor can and will ultimately be an important credential and marketing tool for these outstanding professionals. The inaugural list of honorees and the beautiful plaque the recipients may purchase to commemorate the honor is just the beginning of what we hope will become a robust recognition program for our nation’s top professionals.” 

American Registry, LLC, recognizes excellence in top businesses and professionals. The Registry™ includes millions of significant business and professional recognitions, including all those in America’s Most Honored Professionals. For more information, search The Registry at