Eskridge Mediation

Gayle L. Eskridge has been a litigation and trial attorney since 1988, representing individuals, corporations and partnerships, employees and employers, investors and developers, and municipalities.  With broad litigation and trial experience, Ms. Eskridge has managed hundreds of cases and now dedicates the majority of her practice to business, employment and real estate mediation and litigation.

Ms. Eskridge is an experienced, professional mediator certified by the Los Angeles County Bar Association Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.  Ms. Eskridge is also a Settlement Conference Officer for the Los Angeles Superior Court, a Member of the Los Angeles Superior Court Mediator Panel, and a Professional Member of the Southern California Mediation Association.  Ms. Eskridge is also on the American Arbitration Association’s Mediator and Arbitrator panels, an Associate Mediator with, and is a Mediator with the National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution.

Ms. Eskridge has conducted over 175 mediations, including mediations in the following areas:

  • Employment – Discrimination
  • Employment – Harassment
  • Employment – Retaliation
  • Employment – Termination
  • Employment – Wage and Hour
  • Employment – Fraud
  • Real Property – ADA Construction Access
  • Real Property – Ownership Disputes
  • Real Property – Partition
  • Real Property – Purchase and Sale
  • Real Property – Disclosure Issues
  • Real Property – Broker/Agent Malpractice
  • Real Property – Fraud
  • Business – Contract Disputes
  • Business – Corporate Issues
  • Business – Shareholder Issues
  • Business – Partnership Issues
  • Business – Unfair Competition
  • Business – Trade Secrets
  • Business – Fraud
  • Toxic Torts
  • Lemon Law

Ms. Eskridge charges $450 per hour for all time spent in mediation, preparation, and travel.  The hourly rate is the same no matter how many parties and attorneys are involved.  There is never an administrative fee and never a cancellation fee.  Ms. Eskridge generally conducts mediations at her office in Torrance, but will travel if requested by the parties.  Ms. Eskridge’s facilities include multiple conference rooms, coffee and tea service, and free covered parking.